Denver Broncos cornerback Marquise Cole takes showers


Here today, gone tomorrow.

Or for Denver Broncos cornerback Marquise Cole: hair today, more hair tomorrow.

It seems like the Broncos are promoting some sort of hair fraternity. Cole has those flowing locks, which look like the result of dreads mating with a perm. Omar Bolden has the exact same thing. Danny Trevathan has some form of a dreadlock-shaved mullet: media day business in the front, party out the sides of the helmet in the back.

In some ways, Cole and Bolden both look like my curly-haired mother, who is way closer to hosting a seder dinner than being an NFL defensive back. So today, we got to media day, and I had to ask Cole about that hair, because let’s face it: there’s nothing more important this week than Marquise Cole’s hair – even though the hair isn’t actually that unique considering Cole and Bolden have the exact same haircut.

Cole says he gets it braided once a week. Bolden unfortunately, wasn’t available for hair questioning, because people had to ask him about some football game.

So naturally, the only follow-up question was to ask if those things came apart in the shower.

“You think I don’t shower?” responded an incredulous Cole. “I shower everyday. Sometimes twice a day.”

Keep clean, Marquise. Keep clean.

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