The Browns’ future may depend on their next offensive coordinator


After a month of searching, the Cleveland Browns last week finally landed their next head coach for the 2014 season. The Browns last week named former Buffalo Bills’ defensive coordinator, Mike Pettine, as their next head coach. It took some time for the Browns to find the right guy, but finally they feel they have a leader that can create success in Cleveland. But now comes the next step for the Cleveland Browns: finding an offensive coordinator. If finding a head coach wasn’t hard enough for the Browns, the next step is proving to be even harder. The Browns may have a head coach, and now a defensive coordinator, but they still need an offensive coordinator for next season.

 The Browns this offseason not only lost their head coach in Rob Chudzinski, but they also lost offensive coordinator, Norv Turner, to the Minnesota Vikings, and defensive coordinator Ray Horton to the Tennessee Titans. The Browns do however now have one part of their puzzle complete, with a defensive coordinator.

 The Browns Monday night hired now former Buffalo Bills linebacker coach Jim O’Neil, to come in and help run Clevelands’ defense next season. Mike Pettine is bringing in a coach that he is certainly comfortable with from Buffalo and should be a good fit for the two. As far as playcalling goes, Pettine will still likely be the defensive signal caller, so O’Neil will primarily help with game planning each week. Jim O’Neil is another coach that doesn’t have a ton of experience in the NFL, but knows plenty about defenses to get by just fine. The trick now for the browns will be finding an offensive coordinator.

 The Cleveland Browns currently have no offensive coordinator, and it may be the most important coaching position the Browns need this offseason. With Mike Pettine slated to take over for the Browns next season, the team should figure to be strong on defense. That means the considerably weak Browns offensively, will need someone with a strong offensive mindset next year. Pettine won’t neglect the Browns offensively, but his expertise will lean towards the defense. The Browns will need someone that can come in and mold an offense in a brief amount of time. Plus, the Browns will need someone that can coach a relatively young offensive team.

 On top of even just coaching a struggling offensive team last season, the Browns this offseason will be looking to draft or acquire a franchise quarterback. That leads to having even more importance around needing a above average offensive coordinator. So why don’t the Browns have one yet? Well it’s the same reason the team struggled to find a head coach. The Browns haven’t had a ton of continuity at any coaching position, and any coach being hired must feel like any year could be their last one in Cleveland.  Plus, the Browns only have so many offensive pieces in place right now, and building an offense likely won’t happen overnight.

 For the sake of the Cleveland Browns 2014 hopes, they better lock up an offensive coordinator quickly. As of right now there is no one, true candidate out there right now for the Browns. There are plenty of rumors flying around on who the team could look to in the next month of the offseason. But, in terms of a coaching timetable, the Browns are practically waiting until the last minute to hire an offensive coordinator

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