Cardinals Mailbag: The Final Edition


For the final time this season, we’ll open up the Arizona Cardinals mailbag and see what’s still in there. Let’s take a look.

Junk mail. Ads. Homeowner association notice of some sort. Postcard announcing a wedding. Bills. More bills. There has to be a question in here somewhere. Maybe it got returned to the sender after the postage increased to 49 cents on Monday.

Ah here’s one. And it’s fitting.

What’s the worst part of the offseason? Training camp is a long way away. –Steve in Scottsdale

In short, Steve, it’s all of the waiting.

The team played its last game in late December. We’re a month later and on the verge of the Super Bowl but there’s little going on over at the Cardinals. They had the group of players who went to the Pro Bowl. The team re-signed punter Dave Zastudil to a two-year deal. Head coach Bruce Arians is going to tee it up at the Waste Management Open. Terry McDonough replaces Jason Licht who went to Tampa Bay as their vice president of player development and personnel.

It’s been a pretty quiet January.

The scouting combine doesn’t come around until February 22nd.

Three more weeks after that, free agency starts on March 11th.

Free agency is set to be one of the biggest events of the offseason for Arizona. The team has plenty of free agents and seemingly no cap space. That will be the interesting part of the offseason.

The schedule comes out sometime in April. You can get your pen ready to circle the Seattle-Denver rematch that will happen next season.

This year’s NFL draft is in May and then it’s about 10 disgustingly hot weeks until training camp opens.

It would be nice if things happened a little quicker. It’s tough to find out nuggets on potential players to draft when we have three months of time. We get to dissect whether a third-string wide receiver at Missouri would be a better fit for the team than a second-team All-American offensive lineman who tore knee ligaments last October.

Those players, incidentally, are L’Damian Washington of Missouri and Stephen Long of Nebraska.

Here at Cover 32, we’re shifting into draft mode. We’ll be discussing team needs at each position. We’ll break down the best and worst pick at each position. There will also be some “Where Are They Now?” features as well.

After things have settled down following the draft, we’ll start another new big series in May to get us through until training camp opens. Even though the pigskin won’t be for anything that counts for another eight months, we’re still here and we’ll keep providing great content through the offseason.

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