Fred Smoot is wrecking every D.C. male's Tinder game


I woke up this morning to this glorious news:


Fred Smoot is currently doing a reddit ask me anything. Some things we’ve found out at Fred Smoot’s ask me anything are that Fred:

  • is wrecking every D.C. males Tinder game “the guy that created this is so clutch”
  • proposes replacing the Pro Bowl with the “Old Folks Bowl”; and would want to face Randy Moss and Joe Horn
  • thinks the St. Louis Rams and the Arizona Cardinals are the two NFL teams to watch out for next season
  • clarifies any misconceptions Wikipedia purports about his Love Boat scandal
  • exposed Clinton Portis and the entire Redskins offense for being mortified of Sean Taylor during practice
  • Roger Goodell is “trying to turn the NFL into the Arena League”
  • if he had to change the name: reasoning that the organization cannot keep any similar Native American imagery and a completely clean slate would be the best form of severance. Therefore, Smoot would change it to the Presidents, have fatigued uniforms with a metallic, money green and black color scheme, and they would represent what DC is about: presidents, military, and money.
  • If he could, he would have dinner with Benjamin Franklin, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Steven Tyler
  • He is having another Love Boat party, this time in D.C., benefiting military charities, and including infamous city councilman Marion Barry (he hopes)

Listen to Fred answer the questions live here.

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