Knowshon Moreno may be given the short-end of the stick this offseason

Credit: Ron Chenoy, USA TODAY Sports

Knowshon Moreno has overcome a lot of adversity during his career and has landed himself in the hearts of all Broncos fans.

This season, Moreno finally emerged from the doghouse he had been barricaded in for the last few years with a breakout campaign.

While most around the league will remember Moreno for crying during the national anthem, for Broncos fans, that is only one of the many examples demonstrating the extreme passion Moreno possessed during every snap of the season. If there was a stat for who popped to their feet the fastest after a tackle, Moreno would, undoubtedly, lead the league by a large margin.

That being said, Moreno will be entering free agency this offseason and it is looking like he won’t be returning to the Broncos organization.

With Montee Ball stepping up over the course of the second-half of the year and other players deserving of new deals, it isn’t all too surprising that Moreno might be given the short-end of the stick by the Broncos.

Though, right now, Moreno is not even beginning to think about the offseason.

“My future is right now. I don’t live in the future; I live in the present,” said Moreno. “Right now, this is what I’m thinking about. I’m thinking about today getting better, throughout the week getting better and on Sunday doing what we can to get the win.”

Whatever does happen in the offseason, Moreno will be remembered for his impact on the Broncos Super Bowl run, this year.

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