Mailbag: Bears in 2015 Super Bowl?


It’s Super Bowl week. All eyes are on New York as the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos are focused on the big game. All is quiet on the home front in Chicago but Bears fans still have some interesting thoughts around the Super Bowl.


Can the Bears make the Super Bowl next season? -Joe in Wicker Park

It’s still too early to tell Joe. They certainly have an offense capable of making a Super Bowl run but their defense is shaky. It would take a few big splashes in free agency and a healthy team next year for the Bears to even think about making a long run. They should compete for a division title next season and after you get into the tournament, anything can happen.


Will Chicago ever host a Super Bowl?-Brian in Harvey 

The door has never been officially closed on Chicago hosting a Super Bowl but there’s little to no space here. The team has a small out dated stadium in a cold weather city. This Super Bowl has so many people up in arms it will be tough for the NFL to ever consider another cold weather city. Have you seen the temperatures in Chicago this month? Nobody wants to see the big game in -25 degrees.


Any sleepers for the Bears in this year’s first round of the draft? -Alysha in Chicago Heights

Phil Emery seems to always give us the unpredictable pick. Nobody saw Shea McClellin or Kyle Long coming. With that said, Aaron Donald out of Pittsburgh is an intriguing guy. He’s an athletic defensive tackle who is rising up draft boards right now. He could be an option the Bears won’t want to pass up in the middle of the first round.

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