Mailbag: Gary Kubiak surfaces to the top and the Pro Bowl gets a makeover


If your favorite team isn’t playing in the big game there quite possibly may not be a more dead spot than late January. Not a whole lot taking place. Just speculations and prognostications. The mailbag was lighter as expected this week but in any case I still got some solid questions and chose the ones worthy to answer. (I rarely get SoCal love)


After the exhaustive search was Gary Kubiak the right choice? – Franklin, Baltimore County

Maybe. That truly is the only response one can give after a transaction of any sorts. You just never know how things will go. There are many positives for hiring Gary Kubiak; but that’s the point. You can make anything spin your way if you dig deep enough. Any candidate that was considered had their strong points. Kubiak’s is his experience as well as his success with the 49ers, Broncos and most recently Houston. Kubiak is well known for his zone-blocking running scheme and his track record working with top quarterbacks (Steve Young and John Elway), as well as making average quarterbacks look better than they really are (Brian Griese and Matt Schaub).

Personally, I love the hire. I think it is a positive thing. I also love how they went out and got another quarterbacks coach. I love that they hired Rick Dennison who worked with Kubiak in Houston. There were other candidates I was excited about but when Jim Caldwell was first hired in Detroit I had wrote about how I thought Gary Kubiak was the premier choice.

Whenever you snag a veteran instead of an unknown it doesn’t always work out and you tend to pay for what he has done as opposed to what he potentially could do. In this case I love the track record and think it was the right move for John Harbaugh. Just don’t be surprised that if in two years we are doing this search all over again because Kubiak is hired on as a head coach somewhere else.


What were your thoughts on the Pro Bowl this year? – Suze, Los Angeles

The Pro Bowl is what it is. I’m not going to fight it or bash it. It’s an event that allows some of the better players in the league to get together and enjoy the paradise that is Hawaii. As fans, it’s something to do in between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl. Making the change to ditch the AFC v NFC format and replace it with a fantasy football type draft made sense. They changed some of the rules so that there was more effort and the players tried harder so that was nice I suppose. In all reality though it was the same game; no better no worse. If you like it I get and if you don’t like it I get it.

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