MAILBAG: Initial thoughts on Hickey,.. will the Fins be a big player in FA?


As always, a special thank you to those who sent us questions. The mailbag will be taking a hiatus during the offseason. Hope you all enjoyed it.

Initial thoughts on Dennis Hickey? – Paul from Boca Raton

I thought when he was introduced at the presser he seemed nervous but very excited to be joining the team.

If I am going to be completely honest though I am not sure what to think, on one hand I want to give the guy a show and on the other how am I supposed to be excited about a guy who was Stephen Ross’ last resort.

What did you think of the Jonathan Martin interview? Alex from Hollywood, FL

Who cares!

After the Ted Wells report comes out no one will care about Martin anymore. Steve Ross seemed pretty confident about how the Well report would turn out when speaking about it during Tuesday’s press conference.

Do you feel bad for Jeff Ireland at all? – Mike from Kensington

UMMMMM not so much.

Obviously the situation in Miami was not ideal and I wish Jeff all the best but it was time for a change in Miami, in fact it was time for a change probably 2 or 3 years ago.

Do you think the Dolphins will be big spenders this offseason?  –Brent from Pompano

They will be active for sure, just not sure if they will be BIG spenders though per say. The team is in a good position right now with the cap and I am sure Hickey will want to bring in a couple of his guys and mold the team under his vision.

Priority number one has to be bringing back Brent Grimes.


Thanks everyone for the questions, really enjoyed doing this !

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