Mailbag: On Logan, Kelce's Wing Bowl chances and more


A special thanks to those who submitted questions for our mailbag this week. This is the last one until the 2014 season rolls around!

Is Bennie Logan the permanent answer at nose tackle? – Tim H. from Dresher

I would say yes, unless the Eagles are in a position to get a guy they really like. They only guy that I would put in this category is Notre Dame’s Louis Nix, but I think he’ll be gone by the time the Eagles draft — not to mention they have more pressing needs. Logan played well after getting acclimated to the starting job. He’s a bit undersized, but that shouldn’t concern Bill Davis too much. I wouldn’t be shocked if they drafted someone late for depth, though.

Do you think Jason Kelce has a shot to win the Wing Bowl? – Eric from Royersford

No, he has no chance. I’m sure Jason can put down his fair share of food, but some of the individuals in the Wing Bowl train year-round to put an insane amount of food into their bodies. They are a different bread of human being, and they have strategies that help them eat as much as they do. I think he’ll put up a fight early on, but he won’t win.

Why was DeSean at Super Bowl Media Day yesterday – Jim from Doylestown

DeSean was actually in New Jersey as a correspondent for BET’s 106 and Park. He was on the floor reporting, he had the microphone and all. He was there with Lil’ Terio, too.

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