MAILBAG: Will the Minnesota Vikings reach in the draft, is Turner the right OC, what about Allen?


1. So far in most mock drafts Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel, and Teddy Bridgewater are gone by the 5th pick. Should the Vikings try to trade up, or do you think they will stretch like they did with Ponder? Jeff in Two Harbors

First off, Jeff, Manziel is the new Ryan Leaf. He doesn’t have what it takes to make in the NFL. If the Vikings draft Mr. Football, they’re in big trouble. I do think that it is necessary that the Vikings spend yet another draft pick on a quarterback. Manziel is not the guy they go for. If we look at draft in years past, quarterbacks drop. Not all three will go in the top five. In my opinion, Bridgewater is the only quarterback worth trading up for. Otherwise, you still have Zach Mettenberger, who is an NFL style quarterback, yes, believe it or not, out of LSU, who could make a quick name for himself with the Vikings, might be worth going for. Derek Carr, David’s little bro, could find his way into the NFL. Mettenberger would be a better choice though. If the Vikings were to trade up, it better be for Bridgewater. Anything else is a waste of a trade. The Vikings are one of a few teams that could be a structured, old school offense with a strong run game to open the passing game, rather than vice versa. (See Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.)

2. Norv Turner has still not officially been named Offensive Coordinator, but Adrian Peterson gave a ringing endorsement. What will Turner bring to the Vikings offense. Lisa in Hopkins

Norv Turner will bring an offense. There. That’s all I have to say about that. The Vikings, who have the best running back in the NFL were one the the worst offenses in the NFL in 2013. Living with a mediocre QB and the number one RB should not be below average. This reflects on the coach. The Vikings have hired a defensive minded coach to run the team. Norv Turner, a proven offensive coach should relieve that pressure off of the head coaching duties. Norv, I’m sure, would love to use a high powered weapon like Peterson in his unique offensive schemes. He’ll be announced, sooner than later. Expect a whole new offensive playbook that showcases Peterson, as it should have for so many years past. It’s disgusting to me that he could rush as few as 12 times in a game.

3. Should the Vikings try to re-sign either Jared Allen or Kevin Williams? Jackson in Lowry

Jackson, that one could be an easy answer, if there was no salary cap. Only one of these players should be resigned, and the obvious choice is Allen, assuming he wants to be back. The salary cap, with as much help as the Vikings need in so many different parts of their game, cannot afford to sign both. Allen has been a leading pass rusher for many consecutive years. DT’s will be prolific in this year’s draft, and no one will ever touch Allen’s innate ability to hunt the QB down without years of development. If your Ziggy Wilf, you attempt, at least, to resign the perennial pro-bowler in Jared Allen. That is one less position you have to worry about.


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  • Ekolu

    Sorry, Jared Allen wants too much and the only way he’d want to stay is to be part of a top rated defense and a team that has a chance to compete for the North crown. As it stands now, the Vikings are no where near that level. However, they are methodically putting together a really good team of coaches, and with all the cap room that they’ll have once they let Allen, Guion and Henderson go, cutting Guion, and trading Ponder, they will have even more cap room and draft choices. Start resigning some of our own FA’s like Griffen, the Webb’s, K Will, and Berger, Re-evaluate Simpson, Cook, Bishop, Guion(at the league min. for his versatilitry NT and DT experience) and Johnson(same as Guion) for depth and creating competition. Then, hit FA with a vengeance landing a CB like Verner, Davis or Shields, and/or DT, Melton, Raji, or Joseph, and/or Safety Ward, Byrd or Whitner, and/or OG Schwartz, Asamoah or Saffold, and/or LB Spikes, Worilds or Orakpo. They’re so many option in FA, it would be a shame if couldn’t land at least 2 veteran play-makers possibly 3, in FA. That would take off a ton pressure come draft time, and that could make all the difference

  • Jim

    Ponder goes bye-bye we Keep cassell get another veteran backup. Find a good young QB that can sit on the bench for one or two years. And just concentrate on our weaknesses to improve them and do not waste a lot of money on a quarterback.

  • Ekolu

    @Jim We’re strapped to Ponder by the cap unless we trade him. I’m hoping for a 6th rounder. If not we keep him and hopefully, Cassel. We could package him in a deal with the Pats or the Skins for Mallet or Cousins respectively. Schaub could be on the market, and he’d be an upgrade over Cassel.