Wood Layer Wednesday: Rodney Harrison hits


Today, we bring to you the inaugural Wood Layer Wednesday where we feature a player who horrified wide receivers attempting to go over the middle. While we are all for increased safety and player health, football is a physical game, and players like Rodney Harrison molded the sport into what it has become. If you are like me, you grew up watching football that was about pounding the rock and playing great defense (in a lot of ways this is still a recipe for victory), but today’s gaudy passing numbers weren’t as prevalent. Receivers weren’t allowed to run free while drawing flags for being breathed on. Guys like Rodney Harrison laid the wood and made the offense adjust the game plan accordingly. So today we pay tribute to a man who made two Pro Bowls and two All-Pro teams as a Charger. The 1994 fifth round pick was an absolute steal and named to both the 40th and 50th Chargers anniversary team. Here’s to you Rodney Harrison, a true wood layer.


Will the Chargers really look at drafting a quarterback again?

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