Chris Johnson called out for lack of desire


Former NFL and Super Bowl MVP running back Terrell Davis doesn’t believe Chris Johnson has the desire he once had.

Davis was asked about Johnson on Tuesday during a media session for the Super Bowl, giving his very honest assessment of Johnson, a fellow member of the 2,000 yard club.

“I believe he still has something in the tank.” Davis said. “To me, it is more about his desire to want to do it. We’ve seen his talent, and he can still do what he wants to do. If you question anything about him it is about whether he has the desire to be great, when things are ugly. Are you willing to bang your head against the wall if the wall is not breaking down? To me, he doesn’t have that.”

Johnson underwent successful knee surgery this week to repair a torn miniscus, an injury he sustained early in the season. Johnson finished with just 1,077 yards this season, the second worst total of his career.

Does he have anything left? Davis believes so. But it may not be proven in a Titans uniform.

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