Denverapolis Broncolts? Yes, it exists


Ever heard of Denverspolis? Ever heard of the Broncolts? Maybe you haven’t, because until the last few days, they didn’t exist.

When Jim Irsay made the tough decision to move on from Peyton Manning, eventually drafting Andrew Luck, many Colts fans, or moreover Manning fans, became closet Broncos fans. Luck has worked out famously, making Irsay’s move acceptable to fans of the Colts.

So if you’re a Colts fan, or at least a fan of Peyton Manning and are pulling for him to win his second Super Bowl, there’s a shirt for you.

It’s nice to see the Colts community rally behind Manning, wishing and hoping for his success.

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  • Richard Hedrick

    How about if you were born/raised in Indy….die hard Colts fan….but now live in Washington? I sat on the couch all night not knowing what I felt.