Marshawn Lynch has third straight chaotic, circus filled media day


It’s been well documented that Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has not had a very fun week. On Tuesday he mean mugged me when I asked him questions at media day, and yesterday he cut his session with the press way short.

While many have suggested the media should simply leave Lynch alone, like it or not, he’s become a major story leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. If it is some sort of anxiety, the media should leave Beast Mode alone. Problem is, unless Seattle officially makes that clear, Lynch is still a sought after interview.

The circus continued this morning as Lynch’s table in the corner of the Westin Jersey City was surrounded by reporters before he even got there. Once he did arrive, he chatted for just a handful of minutes before taking off early again. The following is what I was able to document.




Team media availabilities are finished, so unless he wins Super Bowl MVP, Lynch won’t be required to speak with the press for a long time. That’s probably best for all parties involved.

The New York Post and Colin Kaepernick are trolling the Seahawks

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