Is Matt McGloin "your guy" if the Super Bowl is at stake?


The Oakland Raiders have not yet found their franchise quarterback. Or have they? At least two players on the team appear to think so. is doing a series of posts reflecting the results of player polls conducted during the season. The other day I wrote about the fact that head coach Dennis Allen received votes from the Raiders locker room as the head coach players would most like to play for.

Now, two Raiders have voted Matt McGloin as the quarterback they would want under center with the Super Bowl on the line and two minutes left in the game. Unlike in the coaching poll where all but three coaches received votes, less than half of the starting quarterbacks in the league received votes. McGloin was one of the 14 quarterbacks to receive a vote.

Clearly the vote was not made because those two players ACTUALLY want McGloin under center if the Super Bowl on the line. At least I hope they wouldn’t want that. McGloin played admirably in his time as starter for the Raiders but the idea that you would take him over guys like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers is simply bonkers. But it also is not insignificant that two Raiders chose to use their vote on McGloin.

The poll was anonymous so we do not know who placed the votes but in all likelihood they were made in order to send a message of support for the undrafted free agent out of Penn State. While McGloin was the starter at the time the vote took place, there does not appear to be a rule against voting for the back up on a given team. But no votes were lodged for Terrelle Pryor. This also says something about McGloin and how he is viewed in the Raiders locker room.

He showed more than anyone expected him to in his rookie season and if he makes some big improvements in the off season, he may surprise in the inevitable quarterback competition that awaits the Raiders in training camp and the preseason. Assuming the off season goes as planned, whoever is the quarterback for the Raiders should be surrounded by a much stronger supporting cast. No, McGloin is most certainly not the guy I want under center with the Super Bowl on the line. But is he the guy I want under center when the 2014 season begins? Probably not, but he has surprised me once before so maybe he will again.

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  • Keith

    He’ll fuckin NO!!!

  • Florida Raider

    maybe if he grows another 34inches in height so he can see up the middle

  • Florida Raider

    Blake Bortles from the University Central Florida should be our pick at QB. Big strong arm mobile over achieves wins games

    • Jdingo

      Are you kidding? That would be a terrible pick. Oakland is not a QB away from a SB so why draft one this year? Spend this entire draft on defense and wait till next year to draft a QB. Next years QB class is going to be ten times stronger than this years. There is not a legit franchise QB in this years draft. Not to mention who in the hell would a real QB throw to this season every wr on the team is a #3 guy on any other team in the league, our wr’s are garbage.

      • chris mason

        Thats why we pick up receivers in the off season

  • Frank M

    Dennis Allen needs to go

  • ERaiderz

    i got faith in Mcgloin he is good.better then any Qb we have on the team.we need to draft skill player WR DT D end LB CB Center wizz needs to move to left guard.the whole right side of our line sucks.

  • Jidingo

    Out of the guys on the roster I would rather have Pryor, if I had to pick one of them. McGloin I just did not care for. Say what ya want but I did not think he was any more accurate with the ball than Pryor, at least Pryor has wheels.

  • Anonymous

    Peyton manning, was worse then mcgloin in is first rookie appearance. We need to keep McClain and build with him. The kid can play he should not be traded.