Saints QB Drew Brees plays Financial Football and makes a weird face


Saints quarterback Drew Brees is in New York City for the Super Bowl and came into the media hotel to play “Financial Football” with a group of kids.

You don’t know what Financial Football is? Well, neither do most people.

The video game, which combines football with the intricacies of finance, pits two teams against each other in a trivia contest. The teams must answer questions about finance and business before playing out a down, which is automatically run after answering the question. Get it right, and you have yourself a big play. Get it wrong, and you’re bound to lose yards or throw an incomplete pass.

As the captain of the Seahawks (they played Seahawks-Broncos, of course), Brees got the first few questions right for his team. But then they started talking about bankruptcy, obviously the hardest topic, and neither Brees nor his team could find the answer.

So naturally, he made this face:


Here’s a look at the full video:

Drew Brees, I award you no points. And may God have mercy on your soul.

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