The Packers need a Richard Sherman on their team


I saw on your “Twitter Tuesday” post that some people are talking about Lambeau Field being host to a Super Bowl some day. Do you think that could ever happen?

–Jay in Chicago

As far as the logistics go, Green Bay would be a great location for a Super Bowl, there’s simply nothing like midwest hospitality. Milwaukee is not far away, could play host to much of the festivities that might draw too big of a crowd for Green Bay to handle, and Lambeau Field is one of the last truly venerable stadiums left in the NFL, it would be a venue like no other for the sport’s biggest game. Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening anytime soon, if ever. This cold weather experiment at MetLife Stadium will be short lived, nobody wants the weather to be a factor in the Super Bowl. It’s supposed to be a neutral site that allows both teams the opportunity to play their best football, no factors outside of the teams’ play should be involved. 


The Packers very rarely find themselves at odds with the salary cap, one thing Ted Thompson and Mr. Murphy have been good at is putting together teams within the financial constraints of the NFL. But, with 20 free agents, might we see this becoming an issue this offseason?

–Mitch in Ontario

That’s a good question. I don’t think the salary cap will be an issue. Don’t forget, 20 free agents means A LOT of cap space to work with. I believe we will see the Packers much more active in offseason acquisitions than in recent years, however. TT and MM haven’t made big splashes in free agency since TT has been at the helm, but with so many roster spots to fill they’ll have to cast their line into the free agent market and see what they can catch. It will be an offseason to keep a close eye on.


A lot is being made about Richard Sherman’s rant during his interview with Erin Andrews after Seattle won the NFC Championship. Personally, I think that passion and fire is good for a defense, and frankly the Packers could use that fire on that side of the ball right now. Agree?

–John in Milwaukee

I absolutely agree. While I don’t condone the kind of “look at me” behavior that Richard Sherman’s rant epitomized, it’s obvious that he has supreme confidence in himself and his defense. It’s too bad that his words took away from the team’s accomplishment, however. But, yes, the Packers need somebody with that attitude on their defense. While I don’t think the defensive players lack confidence in their abilities, it seems they lack a true vocal leader, someone to instill confidence and become the glue that keeps everybody on the same pace and on the same mission. It will be interesting to see if the Packers go after that kind of vocal leader in free agency, or if somebody already on the team establishes themselves into that role.


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