Three Redskins on this list of worst Super Bowl quarterbacks


On Sunday, one quarterback is going to be victorious in Super Bowl XLVIII. If the Denver Broncos win, Peyton Manning will join a group of 11 other signal callers to win multiple NFL championships. If the Seattle Seahawks come out on top, Russell Wilson will become a title-winning QB at the tender age of 25. One is a legend; the other is hoping to become one.

But if Wilson wins the game, it won’t necessarily propel him stardom. In fact, it might just provide the Seahawks quarterback with him 15 minutes of fame; that’s certainly happened with a few other signal callers who’ve won a Super Bowl and then seen their careers fizzle.

In fact, it’s happened to quite a few. The list of quarterbacks who have won Super Bowls is certainly a star-studded one, littered with Hall of Famers. But it also contains a few duds, players who rode good teams to a ring and have lived off the coattail-riding ever since.

On that note, here’s a list of the 10 worst Super Bowl winning quarterbacks of all-time (READ)

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