Denver, not Seattle, original home of the 12th Man

Credit: Matthew Emmons, USA TODAY Sports

The Mile High City has long been home to some of the greatest fans in the NFL, which is why it’s surprising the Seattle Seahawks’ 12th Man is getting all the attention.

Denver Broncos die-hards have sold out every single home game since 1970 in Mile High Stadium and the newer Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium, the third-longest consecutive home sellout streak in the league. In fact, that’s every game since joining the NFL, making them the only team to sell-out every game in their NFL history.

While over that time they’ve attended seven Super Bowls, the Broncos had multiple down years, too, further proving how fantastic fans are in Denver.

Back to this 12th Man thing, one man, Jasen Asay, has proof that the Denver Broncos were home to the “Twelfth Man” long before Seattle’s claim.

Take a look at this button, which Asay told me he believes is from the 80s (the 85KOA as opposed to the now 850KOA is a dead giveaway), which would be about 20-25 years before Seattle.

This is nothing against Seattle’s fanbase or how loud they’ve been all year, by the way. They’ve been phenomenal, as have been Broncos fans.

Or maybe not. According to this, Texas A&M created the monicker in 1921. So, Denver still could be the original users of the nickname in the NFL, but overall, the Aggies were first.

Don’t forget, Denver is also the home to the Terrible Towel, not Pittsburgh, as Broncos PR man Jim Soccomano pointed out a few years ago.

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  • James

    Seattle retired the #12 jersey for the fans in 1984

  • Harden

    For all we know he made that button yesterday…

  • Paily Vess

    12th man started with Texas A&M. A&M has the trademark on the 12th man, referring to their student body during football games. Seattle nor Denver is by no means the originator of the 12th man.