Dolphins have work to do if they want to bring back Paul Soliai


This morning I was doing my daily internet surfing and stumbled upon a blurb from NBC’s rotoworld saying according to the Miami Herald, impending free agent DT Paul Soliai “really, really doesn’t want to leave” Miami.

The blurb later went on saying it’s because of that fact that reporter Armando Salguero believes Soliai “may come cheaper” than fellow free agent DT Randy Starks. Per Salguero, both players were “somewhat peeved” at being forced to play out their contracts in 2013.

Having a relationship with Paul’s agent David Canter, I reached out and asked him what he thought about the topic.



The fact is that Paul has earned himself a solid pay day and most likely can get decent money elsewhere. Paul graded out with a +11.1 rating from PFF this past season and has been the anchor of the Dolphins defense.

The Dolphins will most likely need to decide between Paul and Starks however if they don’t play their cards right both could walk this offseason.

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  • Big J

    I don’t think it’s fair to say Paul has been treated badly. His best season was his contract year, 4 seasons ago. He got the franchise tag after that, which was bloated at the time due to Albert Haynesworth’s contract figuring into the average of the top 5 DT salaries. Then, when the rest of the NFL wasn’t beating down his door, Paul signed a very respectable 2 year, $12M deal. By my count, he got close to $23M for 3 years of declining work.

    I like Paul and hope we can keep him, but he was pretty non existent his first few years, then had a Pro Bowl year in his contract season, and has since played “above average”. He can both dominate and disappear.

    We can’t afford to keep both Starks and Soliai, especially since Jared Odrick is a FA next year. Both are 30, but Randy has played more seasons. I say sign whichever is cheaper, and look for a young DT early in draft. If both of them want too much, I would have no problem letting them both walk- tape don’t lie and we finished with the 5th worst run defense.

  • Paul

    Sign Jared Odrick to a four year contract and pick up one DT through free agency and draft one or two ,we weren’t able to stop the ran last year with them so why sign them to large contracts we need younger more aggressive DT ,we may even find some after draft that go undrafted