Reason to have hope


By now you have already gotten over the 2013 season for the Bears. As you settle in to watch the Super Bowl this weekend, you begin to wonder if there is any hope for an appearance by the Bears in the big game some time soon.

The high octane players on offense are reason to have hope. The Bears were able to send four players to the Pro Bowl this season. Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall are as rock solid as it gets while Alshon Jeffery and Kyle Long are only going to get better.

Jay Cutler will have another year in this offense and Marc Trestman will learn from the rookie mistakes he made in his first season. Phil Emery has shown an ability to fix any glaring holes on the team; case in point is what he did to the offensive line just last free agency.

The Bears are still a few seasons away from a Super Bowl run but anything can happen. This team should compete for a division championship next year. It would be hard to believe this storied franchise will miss the playoffs four straight years.

Should the Bears get into the playoffs, anything can happen. You should feel good about next season. Chicago has an explosive offense for the first time in decades and they have a management team committed to make the necessary changes needed to win.

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