Reasons St. Louis Rams fans should be hopeful in 2014


According to our offseason content schedule here at cover32, it’s time for me to lay out reasons to be hopeful for the Rams’ chances in 2014.

Because it’s Friday afternoon, I’m going to just lay out a bunch of bulletpoints rather than form a coherent article. I hope you don’t mind.

  • Robert Quinn is on the team. 
  • The Rams have the no. 2 and no. 13 pick. Tons of options for Les Snead to improve the team this offseason.
  • Sam Bradford is 5-2-1 as a starter against the NFC West since 2012.
  • The team forged an identity over the last three-quarters of the season called: Run the ball and sack the quarterback. With a healthy Bradford, the Rams could really improve on this.
  • Zac Stacy is poised to have a big year.
  • Jared Cook could be poised to bounce back from a somewhat disappointing 2013.
  • The Rams have one of the best – and most underrated – special teams units in the NFL.
  • St. Louis – already the youngest team in the NFL – might become even younger next season. Lots of young talented players on this roster.
  • The Rams have won seven games in each of Jeff Fisher’s first two seasons. You know who else won seven games in each of his first two seasons? Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. In season 3, Carroll won 11 games and a playoff game before bowing out. In year 4, he took them to the Super Bowl. Could be the same path the Rams are on? We’ll see.

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