Stan Kroenke buys 60 acres of prime LA real estate; speculation runs rampant


In case you missed it, the professional football world was sent wildly into speculation mode this morning with the news that Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke purchased a lucrative piece of property in Los Angeles through one of his affiliated holding companies. I can’t recommend searching “Kroenke” on Twitter highly enough to get a taste of the snowballing faux-certainty regarding the demise of professional football in St. Louis

Anyway, here’s what we know at this point:

Kroenke, a man who made his billions by purchasing and developing real estate properties, happened to buy a 60-acre plot in Inglewood, Calif., near a place called Hollywood Park.

And that’s it. That’s all we know.

Therefore, let’s maybe take a few breaths and put our perspective caps on. St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bryan Burwell cites the fact that Kroenke dropped $132 million on 124,000 acres in Montana a few days ago. Is no one worried about the Montana Rams becoming a thing? No one? The man buys land. It’s kinda his thing.

What makes it scary is simply the fact that it’s Los Angeles, the place the Rams called home from 1946-1994. As the (albeit improving) team struggled with both attendance and on-field performance issues in recent seasons, the threat of the Rams packing up and moving back out West has undoubtedly been looming in the back of St. Louis fans’ minds. Not only does the team still have an established fan base in the Los Angeles area, their lease with St. Louis is up after 2015 and little progress has been made toward keeping the team in town. In order to do so, the city must provide a top-tier stadium for the team to call home, essentially a top-eight facility in the league. For more details on the new stadium process, I highly recommend the Post-Dispatch’s original report on Kroenke’s potential power play, found here.

Additionally, give ESPN’s Nick Wagoner’s piece a look as well. While the fact that Silent Stan bought some land in LA is a bit concerning from a contextual standpoint, it could just be business as usual.

This will just add to the feud between St. Louis Rams fans and LA Rams fans. Read our recent piece on this, click here.

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