The youth movement in Green Bay


30 teams are spectators this weekend. 30 teams didn’t achieve their goal. 30 teams are in offseason mode and will be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday with one thought in mind, “I want to be there next year.” That is, of course, if they can bear to watch at all. The Green Bay Packers will be among those 30 teams hoping to earn a chance to compete for their own Lombardi trophy next year, and I’m here to tell you right now that there are many reasons for that hope.

The Packers are winners of the NFC North for three straight years now, and even with 20 free agents and many from this team not coming back next year this roster will be full of players with playoff experience. The Packers will be coming into 2014 with an expectation of making the playoffs.

It’s one thing to have playoff experience, but to have that experience and have youth on your side makes me even more hopeful for the Packers 2014 campaign. Ryan Pickett, at 33, is currently the oldest player on the roster. With 20 free agents there’s no telling what the average age of the team will be come training camp, but it’s safe to say that the Packers will be one of the youngest teams in the NFL. Playoff experience and a young team make the Packers a real threat for the rest of the NFL in 2014.

This weekend the Packers will be watching (and rooting for the Broncos to win, I’m sure), but next year they’ll be vying for the Lombardi Trophy to come back to Title Town once again. With youth and experience on their side, Packer Nation should be very hopeful.


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  • Bobby D

    Missed it, are they awarding another Lombardi trophy to young mediocre teams that back into division championships when gagging pussy cats loss 6 of 7? We will never beat teams like Seattle or SF with this garbage defense Teddy the albino recluse built. Draft badly, develop with bad coaches and walk the streets looking for those diamonds nobody else an unearth. Please!