Three reasons the Redskins still have hope


When I was assigned the topic of “Redskins reasons for hope…” my first thought was of a text I received from my ex-girlfriend the other week, informing me I had been defriended on Facebook by one of her friends due to my ever-present pessimistic outlook on all things Redskins.

Besides being befuddled by the social implications of an out-of-the-blue text from an ex with such cryptic subject matter; the text made me reflect on the past season and the negativity associated with it. After Washington had hit the bottom of the seemingly infinite abyss of despair that is the Redskins organization two years ago, the season that was supposed to be a ladder to climb the NFL ranks turned out to be a trapdoor.Soon enough the season had turned into the classic soap opera full of petty politics and blame games fans have become so accustomed to here as D.C. sports fans.

How can there possibly be hope for this franchise? Surprisingly, there’s a great deal to look forward to in the upcoming year:

  1. Robert Griffin III. In 2012 we as a collective fan base had our honeymoon season together, and last year we had our first fight. I’m sorry Robby, I’ll take the blame for starting the RGIII is a diva story line, I didn’t mean it, and I’ll print a retraction for you soon. Next year, the make up sex is going to be unbelievably athletic. Jay Gruden has already said he’s looking to spice up the offense next year; RGIII’s going to put his knee in places you never thought possible before, making 80,000 fans scream in ecstasy, without taking ecstasy.
  2. Jay Gruden. Fresh meat! I certainly was getting tired of the “Mike Shanahan is so red in the face! Where does he go tanning?” jokes. The low point the 2013 season for me might have been when I incessantly  heard a sound bite of Albert Haynesworth saying, “Shanahan- or Red Lobster- as Fred Smoot used to call him…”.  Jay Gruden comes into town as a highly touted known-unknown, as Donald Rumsfeld would classify it. Seriously, everyone claims to have no clue about Gruden or what to expect from him, even though he was featured in an HBO special. Nevertheless new coaches unleash a torrent of warranted hope and optimism on this town, a la Steve Spurrier after a trip to Osaka, Japan or the second coming of Joe Gibbs.
  3. Free Agency and roster building. Although hampered from a rookie draft perspective, the Washington Redskins can make big moves in the off season with additions to the defensive back and wide receiver corps, or maybe the Redskins will finally tighten up the offensive line. As cover32 columnist Wayne Thomas detailed, there are at least four free agents on the market who can help the Redskins immediately.
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