D.C. comedians to roast Dan Snyder


Dan Snyder is a man who has never been known for having a sense of humor, but rather for the distinct inability to take a joke. Whenever faced with negative satire or commentary, Snyder has typically turned to litigation or Draconian signage policies to stymie the local fan base’s collective voice of frustration. Unfortunately for Snyder, tomorrow night (Feb. 4th), local comedians in the Washington D.C. area will gather at The Brixton to lambaste the maligned owner in an event known as “The DMV Roast of Daniel Snyder“.

The event is going to be put on by the Capital City Showcase, a local production company that has been showcasing local comedy and music acts for over 3 years; tomorrow’s roast is the first installment of a new weekly concept dubbed “Tuesdays with Funnie“. When asked in a phone interview how the concept of a roast for Dan Snyder came about, Capital City Showcase founder (and roastmaster) Christian Hunt explained that he and two other local comedians, Haywood Turnipseed, Jr. and Reggie Melbrough were brainstorming for different themes for each week of the month. They had come up with a Vaudevillian show, an improv styled show, a speakeasy/spoken word, and a roast. Originally they wanted to set it up so audience members could sign up to be roasted, but that idea didn’t get off the ground. Haywood Turnipseed Jr. suggested the show instead roast a local DMV celebrity each month. The first choice was naturally the infamous Mr. Snyder

“There’s a lot of frustration around here, and a lot of people blame the ownership; it’s a good way to vent.” said Hunt, “I was 9 the last time the Redskins won the Super Bowl, I’m 31 now. It’s been a couple frustrating decades to say the least.”

The roast will feature top comics from throughout the area fulfilling the dream of every Redskin’s fan: telling Dan Snyder how they feel to his face. Unfortunately,Mr. Snyder won’t be in attendance to bear the full brunt of the comic’s ire. However, Hunt and company found a substitute: local comic Adam Friedland. After the comics have their turn, Friedland aka “Snyder” will get a chance to counterbalance the night, with remarks which will almost certainly not be a commiseration, admission, or consolation.

“[Friedland] was the first person who came to mind.” said Hunt, “I’ve seen his act before and he does hilarious impersonations of other people…and he looks a bit like Snyder too.”

The show is free of charge, will be at The Brixton, doors will open at 7 PM and the show begins at 8 o’clock. Be sure to get there early if you want a seat, as it will most likely be a packed house due to the roast and the happy hour specials from 7-10. If you didn’t click the above links, you can find more information visit CapitalCityShowcase.com or their facebook page.

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