Do the Rams need to snag one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the draft?


The Rams are one of the few teams this offseason who are a bit of a wild card when it comes to taking a quarterback.

Les Snead steadfastly insists that Sam Bradford is the Rams quarterback in 2014, which implies that the Rams are highly unlikely to select a quarterback with either of their first round picks.

Therefore, unless the Rams pick a quarterback in the second round with their no. 45 overall pick, the team is unlikely to select any of the rookie quarterbacks that our cover32 editors consider to be in the top 10.

Then again, you never know. Snead could just be pulling a fast one on everyone. So head on over and check out our top 10 quarterbacks of the class of 2014 just in case the Rams decide to select one of them.

Read why the Rams need to tailor their offseason strategy around beating Seattle.

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  • Joseph Devito

    Yes, Rams need a QB. Sam Bradford has proved for three seasons now, that he is not the answer. The NFL is changing. The prototypical QB must be young and mobile with a strong arm ala Wilson,Luck and Kaepernick. The day of the veteran pocket passer is disappearing. Bradford has no mobility coming off a serious injury and never showed flashes of being a franchise type QB even when healthy. Rams have two first round picks and are guaranteed of being able to land either Bridgewater or Manziel. They need to pick one of them.

  • spencer

    Get a NEW QB! How come no one can see that Bradford is not the answer? How long must we wait …another year? Come on mr.Sneed wake up to the new era move back to LA and bring back the blue and gold and honor the veterans that played and brought 7 nfc division championships!! QB suggestion Teddy Bridgewater! Or play against him and get torched using an old school formula and a 4th year failure.

  • Joseph Devito

    Fischer and co. are making a huge mistake sticking with Bradford. The team has made strides toward respectability but unless the right QB is in place, they will continue to struggle offensively. We have two first round picks. It is imperative they use the first one on the two best QB’s in this draft (Bridgewater,Manziel). The passing game needs an infusion of excitement. A young signal caller with a good arm and mobility would give opposing defenses some to think about and would also give an uninspired fan base some enthusiasm. Hope they see the light.