Mayhem Monday: Gangnam Style


We here at cover32 Bills know that there is nothing worse than Monday’s so we want to break away from all the seriousness the beginning of the work week presents and try to lighten the mood a little bit. Our very own writer and artist Mike Guittar covers a  weekly segment we call “Mayhem Monday” where he shares his vision on what Kiko Alonso’s diary looks like. If you missed last weeks Mayhem Monday then be sure to check it out HERE

Gangnam Style

“Kiko! We slept in!” Nickell shouted as I was jarred awake. He was right. I looked at my iPhone 7S and I had 4 missed calls from Arthur Moats trying to wake us up. He’s such a good dude, but we were in trouble. Without a moment to spare, we slid down to the first floor and grabbed some Crystal Pepsi. We rushed out the door and hopped on our Razor scooters and started doing tail whips, 360s and other awesome tricks. In the midst of our late start, Nickell said “If only we had a time machine-” and I said… “Why that’s a great idea!” We went next door to Christopher Lloyd’s house and told him we needed to use the Flux Capacitor. He explained to us that Back to the Future was just an awesome trilogy and there was no time machine, so I threatened to turn his white hair purple with grape Kool-aid. He showed us to the garage where he kept the time machine.


Nickell explained how traveling through time is a bad idea because even the smallest changes in anything we do could have disastrous effects, and we could ruin the entire space time continuum and the universe could be destroyed. I told him it was fine, then played him an awesome saxophone solo. We went back to last night and set our alarms so we would wake up on time. Then we went back to 1955 and ate tacos with Jackie Gleason on the set of The Honeymooners.


After that we traveled to 1982 to see Los Lobos, we told them to remake “La Bamba” and they loved the idea so much, the promised to name their 9th studio album after me. After that I copyrighted “Sex and Candy” by Marcy Playground and “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” by the Crash Test Dummies so that I would get the royalties of the 2 best songs ever written. We went back to the future, and Nickell realized that since we had altered the past, we had actually woken up this morning on time, thus not ever needing to see Christopher Llyod, so we never would have used the time machine, so we wouldn’t have actually gone to the past, and none of this would have ever happened, and we should technically have been erased, and this timeline shouldn’t exist. I told Nickell that we should just not worry about it and these things tend to work themselves out on their own, and we ate Gushers and Fruit Roll-Ups. It was a long day so we decided to hit the hay. But as we were about to go to sleep, Nickell started singing “Gangnam Style” by Psy, and we did the entire dance, as we were joined by Da’Norris Searcy, John Scott, Marquise Goodwin, Thad Lewis and Professor Dumbledore, as a part of a surprise party he organized for me. He’s a great roommate.


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