Raiders reactions: Which choke was best? Broncos or Chiefs


The Oakland Raiders have not been in the playoffs for YEARS now. But that does not mean that Raider Nation has not had any rooting interests in the playoffs for years. In fact, this season saw all three of the Raiders’ division rivals make the playoffs. This meant the Raiders had three teams to root against in the playoffs. Two of those teams gave the Raiders fans some incredibly enjoyable memories.

Both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos choked in rather epic fashion during the playoffs, but in completely different ways. The Chiefs gave up a massive lead, losing in incredibly painful fashion after spending most of the afternoon assuming the win was in their pockets. The Broncos, on the other hand, simply forgot to show up to the Super Bowl and were blown out from the very first whistle.

So while both were fun, I could not help but wonder which one Raider Nation enjoyed more. Below are some of the responses I received on Twitter, but please feel free to add your own in the comments section below!




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  • JoeJoe

    Manning finally exposed. Broncos for sure

  • Walter Spargo

    The Donkeys! In the Super Bowl, they are a disgrace to the AFC west and the whole conference for that matter!

    2-5 and outscored by nearly double in their 5 blowout losses (249-123). Cheating the salary cap in at least one of their wins is just as big a disgrace as getting blown out 5 times.

    They should never be allowed to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl ever again.