Raiders need stability at QB, can they find it in the draft?


The Oakland Raiders have a lot of needs throughout their roster. Starting at the lines and working your way out, there is literally not a single position on the Raiders roster that is set and ready to go for 2014. Sure, some of the roster spots have clear starters, but even those need help at depth.

In reality. the quarterback position is not super high on the list of needs for the Raiders. No, it does not appear as though they currently have the quarterback of the future on the roster, but the two guys that are on the roster are not bad options as stop gaps while worse holes are filled.

But at the same time, the QB position is easily the most important in the NFL so while the Raiders can be competitive without a new QB, picking the right quarterback could speed up the rebuilding process dramatically. But to make that big of a difference, the Raiders need a game changing talent and that is not something that is available in free agency this year.

So if the Raiders want to get their game changing quarterback in time for the 2014 season, they will need to find him in the 2014 NFL Draft. So take a look at the cover32 list of top 10 quarterbacks available in the Draft to see if you think the Raiders can find their man of destiny.

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  • al

    We should use the formula the Seahawks used to get to the top. Build the lines first and draft your qb nex season if need be. Im one of those who see McGloin as more than just a stop gap qb. Look at McGloins positives when evaluating him. Its amazing he got sacked so few times with such an inconsistent oline. He can definitely throw the long ball. Imagine if we could develop a stronger run game, with a go to wr, better guards, McGloin can get the job done. After all, we don’t need the best qb, we just someone who doesn’t cost us games and can make the pass when need be.

  • NoMoreReggie

    Not with Reggie pulling the strings. He’ll probably fuck this up again like when he gave up picks for Matt Flynn and hired Dennis Allen.