Top 10 QB prospects of the 2014 Draft


Cover 32 gives you our top quarterbacks in this years draft class. Check it out! (Here)


Though everyone has thrown Andy Dalton under the bus, I still believe he is the Bengals’ guy for years to come. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Cincinnati stayed away from drafting a quarterback. Doing so could bring about conversations across the city, of why they should bench Dalton. That is the last thing Cincinnati wants to do with it’s young quarterback. They need to strengthen his confidence. Especially after his collapse in the playoffs. Andy Dalton is a young and talented signal caller, but he needs to work on his composure. Bringing another qb in may not be great for competition. The last guy they said needed competition was Mark Sanchez, and we all know how that turned out.




But if the Bengals did want to pick a quarterback late, maybe for security purposes, AJ McCarron is the guy. He doesn’t come with too much hype, and he will be available after Cincinnati has filled all of it’s needs. McCarron is a proven winner, his track record at Alabama speaks for itself. AJ would fit well in Marvin Lewis’ system. He’s a great young man, who just wants to win and get better. For Cincinnati that is the next step, bringing in players who buy in to what the organization is trying to do. McCarron is a low maintenance quarterback, who doesn’t care for all the fame and media. He’s a hard worker and will make sure he is prepared to step in if Andy Dalton were to ever miss time.




Many see the 6-4 215 pound qb as a “game manager,” as you will notice on the list. But I suggest we look deeper than that. The 2013 Maxwell award winner threw for 28 touchdowns and just seven interceptions. He protects the ball and doesn’t take big risks, something Andy Dalton has problems with. The Alabama legend broke many passing records during his time in college, and won many championships as well. This would be a player who will naturally give Andy Dalton reasons to step up, perform, and compose himself. Besides, if Andy Dalton continues to lose when it counts, McCarron will be ready to step on the field and lead this team. That’s a win-win for Cincinnati.

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