Top 10 quarterbacks in the 2014 NFL Draft

Joe Elite
Is Joe Flacco elite?

With the Super Bowl officially over that means the 2013 season is in the books as well. In an NFL calendar year there are no breaks. Once the big game is over the next day everyone turns their attention to the offseason. The Baltimore Ravens will be like every other team in their pursuit to become better via free agency and more importantly the NFL Draft.

Today cover32 has compiled a list of the Top 10 Quarterbacks in the 2014 NFL Draft. In no way are or should the Ravens be looking for a quarterback. Joe Flacco is our guy and quite honestly after the performances we saw last night, I think its truly time to cut the nonsense out about Flacco not being a solid quarterback. I’m glad he’s our guy and you should be too.

Either way it’s always important to know the competition so go ahead and give a look at the quarterbacks of the future (READ)


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