ESPN’s John Clayton likes the 2014 Rams’ Super Bowl chances


The headline pretty much says it all on this one.

I try to stay pretty objective regarding the Rams because of my duties here at cover32 Rams, but even with my most intense blue and gold blinders on, I don’t think I could pick the Rams as one of the eight most likely teams to make the Super Bowl next year.

But that’s what John Clayton wrote.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher has the youngest team in football. He has two first-round picks, including the second overall choice in the draft.

It should be noted that Clayton mentioned all four NFC West teams in this piece, so it’s impossible for all eight of these teams to even make the playoffs. I think he was simply making the point of how strong the NFC – particular the vaunted NFC West – will be next season. Give it a read to see his full rationale.

Read how the Rams’ top paid players performed compared to peers at their positions.

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  • Joseph Devito

    Rams are a very improved team which doesn’t show so easily because of the division they play in. However, to say they are a Super Bowl caliber team is a stretch. They are not going to the Super Bowl with Bradford under center. Again, this team has made strides in other areas but the most important position in football is undoubtedly the QB. They must get a young mobile QB in the draft and continue to develop in all phases of the game. Bradford is slow and immobile. At this point he could be used as a valuable backup…albeit his contract.