Last thing the Bills need is a new quarterback


With free agency quickly approaching and the draft not long after there has been plenty of talk about the available quarterbacks and the Bills picking one of them up to compete with EJ Manuel. Even though there were plenty of fans that were not too pleased with EJ Manuels performance in his rookie season I feel it would be a very bad decision to go after anyone to potentially compete for a starting quarterback role in Buffalo.

Whether you like it or not EJ Manuel should go uncontested for the responsibility of leading our offense and to bring in anyone as a possible threat to that position would be a very poor decision. You don’t give a rookie quarterback 10 games before you throw him in the trash and move on to the next potential “superstar”.

Truth is Manuel played far better than expected going into the draft. Considering Geno Smith was believed to be the first quarterback to be taken in the 2013 draft I would say Manuel proved Buffalo’s scouting department had a leg up on what a shit fest that would of turned into. I know Buffalo doesn’t have a quarterback as great as Mark Sanchez to fall back on in case they busted on the pick but I think they definitely picked the better man on this one.

We Bills fans waited for years for the team to draft a quarterback in the first round to build around, and the very next year you want another one? Why? Because he didn’t play like a like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning in his very first year? Manuel is as smart as they come and I’m willing to bet that once he gets a feel for reading NFL defenses he is going to shred them to pieces.

Instead of taking the time, effort, or draft pick on the next best thing we should be building around Manuel instead of forcing him to compete for his job. If he becomes a liability then by all means go after somebody else, but all Manuel has done so far is show that he is capable of leading an offense and that does not warrant shoving him out the door after one season.

As seen in the recent Super Bowl you can have the greatest quarterback on the planet but if the rest of your team is not capable of performing then your whole team is complete garbage. Lets focus our time and effort on improving the rest of the team, then we can accurately determine if Manuel is the guy or not. Until then though leave Manuel alone and let him lead this team without having to worry about his fans not believing he can do his job. Honestly, what kind of fan tells a man as athletic, intelligent and well mannered as Manuel that he doesn’t deserve to play the game? If we bring in another competing quarterback we are simply doomed.

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  • Mike

    C’mon man, the guy sucks. He’s hurt more than not and that is due to stupidity. Bills need a QB to lead the team on the field, not from the sidelines. Sad they reached so far up for this fragile guy.

    • Anonymous

      Mike, you have no clue. My advice is to invest some time in educating yourself on football and how to develop players! GO BILLS!!

  • chuckytee

    Finally, a person who states what I have felt from the beginning! James, Thank you for this post. Now if our so-called impatient fans could read this….Maybe they will understand what EJ brings to our team and soon?? It pisses me off how these type of fans know very little about player development. It is not something that happens in one year let alone 10 games! GO BILLS!!

  • Christine

    How can you say that Manuel is unequivocally better that Geno Smith? The jury is still to early on that, neither of them set the world on fire. The Bills should trade up for Johnny Football and let the battle it out for the starting job; just like Russell Wilson came in and beat out Matt Flynn for the Seattle job and Kapernick beat out Alex Smith. Competition is good and there is no way I want to wait another two years to find out if Manuel is a bust or not, we’ve tried that for years its time to have a “plan b”.

  • dave

    Competition at any position is good… builds depth so why not QB. Falling in love with anyone player at any position is poison… that player has to establish himself, competition makes you work harder… maintain focus. No player on this team deserves a bye…. including Bird crap.