Get to know Rod Streater, the next great Raiders receiver?


Wide receiver Rod Streater signed with the Oakland Raiders as an undrafted free agent in 2012. He finished his rookie season ranked as the fourth receiver on the Raiders’ roster with 39 catches totaling 584 yards with three touchdowns. Streater spent the 2013 season chasing the 1,000 yard mark in receptions, but finished the season with 888 yards. His 60 receptions this past season resulted in four touchdowns.

Streater grew up in New Jersey and went to college at Temple University after transferring from Alfred State College. He finished his college career with 881 yards and eight touchdowns. Temple won its first bowl game since 1979 during Streater’s senior year.

Raider Nation was delighted to see a Streater’s lighter side this past week in an ad that was a parody of the Beats by Dre ad starring Colin Kaepernick. It was a very clever ad that shows Streater drowning out a young girl and her mother who are attempting to sell him cookies. The ad shows him taking the cookies from the girl and closing the door on them. It was definitely fun for Raider Nation to see the lighter side of a player who could very easily continue improving to become the team’s lead receiver.

Streater, like many of the young players on the Raiders’ roster, loves to interact with the fan base through social media. It has been refreshing to see these young players infusing the team and the fan base with new vigor. Streater participated in the Oakland Raiders take over Twitter series which allows players to take over the official Raiders’ Twitter account to do a Q & A session with the fans.

Raider Nation was able to find out who he thinks are his funniest teammates and he states there are too many, but specifically Sio Moore, Tyvon Branch, and Greg Jenkins. That if he weren’t a wide receiver, he’d like to be a cornerback and that he’s always looked up to Larry Fitzgerald and Jerry Rice.

Fans also learned that he actually has never physically seen head coach Dennis Allen use the red Sharpie that is eternally tucked into his Raiders visor on game days.

On Instagram, he has reached out to the Raider Nation to find out what sorts of things the Los Angeles Raider Nation would suggest for him as far as community work goes for when he and punter Marquette King head to LA. Streater expressing that he and King want to do something for LA Raider Nation and asking the fans to give them ideas of things to do.

He has also talked about starting up a foundation that will join the fight against cancer. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air to see Raiders players reaching out to the fan base so regularly and getting everyone involved.

Raider Nation definitely will be looking forward to watching Streater next season and cheering him on to reach that 1,000 yard milestone and set some Raiders records. It’s been a pleasure to see him working so hard and continually improving. He’s already talking about wanting to be catching more balls next season as well as being faster. He, along with running back Rashad Jennings, was voted offensive player of the year this season. The Raiders’ fan base can be optimistic about their team with talent like Streater on deck.

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