Do Oakland Raiders really need to find a QB this off season?


The Oakland Raiders had arguably one of the worst sets of quarterbacks in the NFL to start the 2013 season. By the end of the year, two of the four guys brought in to compete for playing time had been cut from the team and latched on elsewhere. As the off season gets underway, the Raiders still have the other two, Matt McGloin and Terrelle Pryor, under contract for the 2014 season.

Both McGloin and Pryor saw significant time as the starter in 2013 but neither was able to impress enough to be guaranteed a starting role next season. In fact, both general manager Reggie McKenzie and head coach Dennis Allen have said publicly that they are not sure if the quarterback of the future is on the Raiders roster yet.

So as the Raiders head into the off season with instability at quarterback, in a league where the quarterback is easily the most important position on the field, it has to be the number one priority, right?

I am not so sure. As the Seattle Seahawks just showed in the Super Bowl, while a franchise quarterback is huge, so is a great defense. And putting together a great defense is easier than the needle in a haystack game involved in finding a franchise quarterback. With the cap space and draft picks available to McKenzie, he has the opportunity to build a truly dominant defensive unit. Laying that foundation before spending too much on a quarterback will benefit whoever the Raiders eventually chose to lead the franchise.

Meanwhile, there are two young guys on the Raiders roster with potential. It is true that there is a chance neither one is capable of leading the team, but it makes sense to build a team around them while drafting a quarterback in a later round. That would give the Raiders three young quarterbacks with potential to develop while also assuring the team will be competitive with a dominant defense.

Quarterback may be the most important position in the NFL, but chasing a franchise guy without first building a solid team is a good way to find yourself at the bottom of league standings year after year.

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  • The Dude

    “Quarterback may be the most important position in the NFL, but chasing a franchise guy without first building a solid team is a good way to find yourself at the bottom of league standings year after year.” <—- we're currently experiencing this because of the wasted pick on Russell

    • samiam2112


    • Harley

      I agree as well

  • David Wilson

    I like McGloin. If he had been drafted in the top three rounds then people would have looked at this season and said he could be the guy.

    He will only get better, and has a lot to like about him. I’m with you here, building the defense is more important

    • samiam2112

      And he still could be the guy… We need a D

  • al

    Good article and I agree with David Wilson. We seen such atrocious play from the qb position, fans get restless and impatient and any signs of bad play, some start disqualifying a qb before he has a chance to get started. Do we need a qb? Yes. Did Rm and Da do the right by saying the qb of the future is not here. Yes. McGloin and Pryor have to keep working. I like the prospects of McGloin. Pryor, unless he learns how to be a pocket qb, I don’t see him as a qb for the Raiders. Build the team first. Allow the qb a chance to succeed. McGloin had some nice moments despite inconsistency from himself and other players.

  • Slone

    I am so with this story! McGloin was in his first year, I believe he can be the guy! Give him the 14 season to see if he keeps progressing if not, are they any worse for trying? I’m sick of hearing he only won one game…I sure do not remember him playing on D and missing all those tackles or blowing all that coverage! I really believe he’s gonna surprise people next season if he’s given the chance to start!

  • Anonymous

    I agree also. Build the D and the O line. Give McGloin another year to see what he can do. I just watched a great QB get embarassed by a great D.

  • Raiderfan78

    I agree also and kind of scared of RM picking a QB look at Flynn, Build your lines then get the rest. Go after Bennett or Hardy to pair with Houston don’t let him slip away get him and Veldheer signed ASAP. I like Caraun Reid & Ryan Carrethers in the Draft to go on the D-line along with a pass rusher to give the other ends a break.