Power Rankings: Mike Tomlin among the NFL’s elite head coaches


Teams will go to such lengths to land the right head coach. They’ll spend a ton of money. They’ll hire whatever assistants are requested. And they’ll make sure wives and kids are find a comfy new home.

But it’s also why they expectations are high. Lose a few too many games, even if it’s in season one, and there’s a chance a head coach will be shown the door. In the ultimate results-oriented business, winning is everything.

So ranking the league’s head coaches is a great way to evaluate which teams are in the best shape. And on that front, the Steelers are in a great place.

The editors of cover32 ranked NFL head coaches from 1-32, and Mike Tomlin finished sixth on the list. That puts Pittsburgh in a great spot, as the head coach is among the game’s best.

How did the rest of the AFC North finish? How about the rest of the league? CLICK HERE to see the entire list.

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  • Tony p

    You are kidding about calling Tomlin an elite coach. All he has done is take a play-off caliber team and turn them into an 8-8 team. An elite coach my polish behind……