Ravens are completely set at the quarterback position in 2014


The quarterback position is the most important in all of sports. Argue what you will for other positions either in the game of football or any other sport but you would be wrong. I understand it is also the most popular but don’t let that fool you. It is the most important.

The 2014 Baltimore Ravens do not need a starting quarterback. Joe Flacco is the guy, he was the guy, and he will continue to be the guy. What makes Flacco so special may not be just his ability, or his level-head, or even the fact that he just wins games. What makes #5 so great is that we never EVER hear about his backups. Never. You know why? Sure you do. It is because Joe Flacco has never missed a game during his six year career to injury. That truly is amazing. Why just in the same division you have Ben Roethlisberger who is constantly in and out of the lineup for Pittsburgh. Other quarterbacks who have missed entire seasons due to neck injuries and ACL tears. Half of the NFC North were missing their starters for half of the season because of injuries. Joe Flacco was tested a bit with a knee sprain this past season but that was the extent of it. He doesn’t miss games and because of that we never have to see what our backups are like.

Number one on the quarterback depth chart is taken care of. Numbers two and three? The Baltimore Ravens don’t even carry a third quarterback and why should they? They never ever use their number two. So when the topic of quarterback needs come up; well quite frankly we can almost skip it. However, just for the sake of conversation let’s see what the Ravens current backup is all about.

Tyrod Taylor is out of Virginia Tech. And much like another quarterback – Michael Vick – who came out of Virginia Tech he has the ability to make plays with his legs. Taylor has only started one game in his career and that was last year. In Week 17 of the 2012 season the Ravens had already sewn up the AFC North title as well as the four-seed and had virtually nothing to play for. Tyrod Taylor has attempted 35 passes completing 19 of them and has yet to throw for a touchdown. Tyrod does have a rushing touchdown but also thrown two interceptions. Taylor just finished his third season in the NFL and is still under contract with the Ravens.

If Joe Flacco, god forbid, were to go down to injury or played so abysmal, god forbid, then we really wouldn’t know what we had in Tyrod Taylor. Odds would be, and I hate to say it, the season would probably be lost. Taylor has ability and has skill but I’m not sure if he has the ability to be a starter in this league. His body of work is so small it’s hard for me to make that claim but just from what I have seen from him and others like him it would be a tough task. So the question begs: Do we NEED a new backup? No. The Ravens don’t. The key here is that Taylor isn’t making all that much in comparison. Unfortunately, this isn’t like hockey where you can have two pretty good goalies and keep them both on your roster. In the NFL, you can have one average or very good one and at best one other average quarterback. In Baltimore the situation is no different. Tyrod Taylor knows the system, he knows the players and coaches, and he quite frankly is a great fit and great team guy.

In 2014 the team can stand completely pat at the quarterback position. Sure they can try out some others just to compete with Tyrod Taylor but it won’t matter. Taylor is doing just enough to keep his spot and hopefully never play; with the Ravens anyways.


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