Sherman: NFC Championship was the real Super bowl


Unless you’re a Seahawks fan, Super bowl XLVIII turned out to be somewhat of a letdown. The hype surrounding the game was incredible; the greatest offense and the greatest defense, the two best teams in the NFL. Finally, these two juggernauts meeting on the biggest stage in sports. What we got instead was one of the biggest blowouts in championship history.

Seattle took a lead 12 seconds into the game on a bad snap by the Broncos that ended in a safety and never looked back. The final score read 43-8 and ranks as the 3rd most lopsided Super bowl ever.

The big game was a marked contrast to the NFC Championship between the Seahawks and 49ers. That game was far more compelling and competitive; Seattle had to battle back from a 10-0 deficit and did not take the lead until the 4th quarter. Even then the 49ers got one final chance to win on their last drive but Colin Kaepernick’s pass into the end zone directed at Michael Crabtree got deflected and that was that.



Now the man who made the tip is calling that game the real Super bowl and the one that decided the championship. In an interview with MMQB‘s Robert Klemko, Richard Sherman said:

“…the NFC Championship was the Super Bowl. The 49ers were the second-best team in the NFL.”

Sherman’s comments are unlikely to sit well with a sporting public that widely regards him as a cocky, overconfident loud mouth but the best cornerback in the game probably won’t lose any sleep over it. The average NFL fan may not like it, and the Denver Broncos certainly won’t like it, but what Sherman said is 100 percent true.

If you gave me a choice to pick between playing the San Francisco 49ers at home and any other team in the league on the road I would pick the field with no hesitation. After getting whooped by Seattle and Indianapolis in Week 2 and Week 3 of the 2013 season, the niners went 11-2 and their two losses were by a combined four points to the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers, both of whom were legitimate conference contenders. Playing in the toughest division in the NFL they had a 12-4 record. I think it’s safe to call them the second best team in the league.

All due respect to the Broncos and Patriots and the other AFC Playoff teams, they simply aren’t on the same level as the NFC. The competition in this conference and particularly in this division is far tougher. If we re-write history and say that Sherman’s tip bounced the other way into Michael Crabtree’s hands, then the 49ers go to the Super bowl, where they probably would have destroyed the Denver Broncos as well.

Going back to last season, I believe the road loss to the Atlanta Falcons was a fluke. The Seahawks and 49ers should have met in the NFC Championship in 2012 as well. And according to the early oddsmakers, they will do so again in 2014. What an amazing rivalry.

I think you and I are destined to do this forever.

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