Team Needs: Broncos set at QB if Peyton Manning comes back

Credit: Adam Hunger, USA TODAY Sports

Will he or won’t he?

In all likelihood, Peyton Manning will be back to play his third season with the Denver Broncos; he originally signed a five year deal.

Sure, he struggled in one of the biggest games of his life and the Broncos lost miserably, 48-3. That means he’s even more likely to come back than if Denver would have won, which would have basically cemented him as the greatest quarterback of all time.

But, let’s say for a second he doesn’t want to return and instead retires.

What would the Broncos do?

Is John Elway in love with Brock Osweiler as the future quarterback of the Broncos? Probably not.

The 6’8″ Osweiler may be able to stand tall in the pocket and see over monstrous offensive lineman, but his arms are so long and so is his windup; his chances of making it as a starting QB seem slim.

Zac Dysert? No.

So, the Broncos would almost certainly look to either draft someone or go to the waiver wire.

We wrote up a Top 10 on quarterbacks coming out of the draft on Monday, check that out here. Of those men, Blake Bortles of Central Florida looks legitimate, and Derek Carr has the big arm and the NFL pedigree (his older brother David played, too).

In free agency, names like Michael Vick, Josh Freeman, Rex Grossman and Matt Flynn send shivers down football fans’ spines.

Broncos backers better hope and pray Manning is indeed back in 2014.

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