The Miami Dolphins need better roster management


The last couple of years the Dolphins have seemed to be a step behind. Whether it be a GM, coach, or even a player the Dolphins have waited too long to pull the trigger.

For example, last year the Baltimore Ravens traded for left Tackle Eugene Monroe because of their poor offensive line play. This happened on October 1st, at the time the Dolphins had arguably the worst offensive line of all time.

Jeff Ireland continued to stick with his guys and the Dolphins continued to suffer. It wasn’t until three later (with three straight losses) when Jeff Ireland pulled the trigger and signed McKinnie. The thing is, McKinnie wasn’t that good. Miami really couldn’t find any offensive linemen i free agency who isn’t the worst of all time?

It is so confusing because teams like the Patriots, who had endless injuries, could put in any undrafted free agent and not miss a step.

The Dolphins also have three quarterbacks on their active roster. This is very uncommon for a team that doesn’t have a quarterback battle. It is even more uncommon for a team’s backup quarterback to be their 6th highest paid player. It is time for Matt Moore to go.  The Dolphins  are in the middle of the pack when it comes to money spent on QBs, they shouldn’t be spending almost any money on QBs since their starter is on his rookie contract.

The Dolphins have a lot of money they can spend on free agency. But as we all saw in the Superbowl, just because you have the best Free Agents doesn’t mean you have the best team. If you take Philip Wheeler and Danelle Ellerbe’s cap number, it is about the same as Richard Sherman, Bruce Irvin, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Bobby Wagner combined.

The Seahawks built a team with an awesome foundation, free agency is meant to fill holes, not build rosters. The Seahawks will spend $20 million on their oline in 2014 (as of right now) and the Dolphins have only $8 million spent on their line.

The Dolphins (as of right now) already have $28 million spent on wide receivers in 2014. That is most in the NFL, The Dolphins don’t have a single “elite” or “great” receiver on the team. That is poor management by not only Jeff Ireland,  but Dawn Arponte.

One of the GM candidates who didn’t get the Dolphins job said that the Dolphins are one offseason away from the playoffs and possible two/three years away from great things. The Dolphins do have a very good nucleus but the way this roster is built, long term success will be tough to get.



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