Twitter Tuesday: How did Rams’ highest paid players perform in 2013?


This morning, I’ve been engaged in a friendly debate on Twitter with a few other Rams fans and media regarding the Rams’ unseemly salary cap situation. Then I came across this perfect chart by Twitter user, @ShaneNFL.

Don’t pay any mind to the fact that @ShaneNFL is an Arizona Cardinals fan. He didn’t fudge any numbers; I checked. So this chart is real.

(I’ll wait while you puke.)

The big takeaways:

  • The Rams’ top-seven paid players all rank within the top-eight paid players at their position among NFL players. Among those seven players, only Jake Long could be considered worth the money by any reasonable analysis, and he just underwent major knee surgery that leaves his 2014 availability in doubt.
  • Numbers four through nine were signed to those contracts as unrestricted free agents. (I’m not counting William Hayes because he was originally signed to a one-year deal, then re-upped for three years.) Three of them (Dahl, Finnegan and Wells) are likely to be cut this offseason. Two more – Cook and Langford – can only be considered serviceable at best thus far. In other words, the Rams absolutely have to be smarter regarding free agent signings.
  • Cortland Finnegan…my lord.
  • William Hayes is a massive bright spot, but then again he only took about one-third of the Rams’ defensive snaps in 2013.

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