Best drafted quarterback in Rams franchise history


Earlier this week, we discussed the top-10 quarterback prospects in the draft and the Rams’ chances of selecting one of those guys.

Today, let’s take a look at the Rams’ franchise history of drafting quarterbacks – namely the good that’s come from those selections. (We’ll cover the ugly side tomorrow.)

So, the best drafted quarterback in Rams history is….

Norm Van Brocklin! (Remember, Kurt Warner was an undrafted free agent.)

I’ll forgive you if you don’t exactly remember ole Norm’s playing days, as he was drafted shortly after World War II. (For a full list of quarterbacks drafted by the Rams, click here.)

But that doesn’t mean we should forget about him. The Rams drafted Van Brocklin in the fourth round in 1949. His career spanned from 1949-1960, which means he played in a completely different era where interceptions weren’t viewed as being nearly as demonic as they are now. That means you should ignore that he threw more five more picks than touchdowns for his career or that his career completion percentage was just 53.6 percent.

Instead, focus on the fact that Van Brocklin compiled a career record of 42-20-3 as a starter for the Rams and also played a role in the “Los Angeles” Rams’ sole championship in 1951. He’s also in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and is part of the Rams’ ring of honor.

But let’s be real: Had Kurt Warner been drafted by the Rams, I’d be writing about him.

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