Broncos Mailbag: Could Osweiler take over if Manning retires?


Welcome to another installment of our weekly, Wednesday mailbag!

It’s been a tough few days following that utter domination by the Seattle Seahawks as they beat the Denver Broncos 43-8.

It led Krystal (@TheFriddle) to ask this:

The video is pretty funny, and yes, it is time to take off the bag. Broncos fans have nothing to be ashamed of, like the old New Orleans “A’ints” or fans of the Detroit Lions.

Next up:

This is a good question. First and foremost, it seems most likely that Manning will come back for his third season with the Broncos. He originally signed a five-year deal and missing out on a second Super Bowl ring has to sting. Plus, he enjoyed the greatest season for a quarterback ever. It’s a good thing he’ll be back, too, because if he wasn’t, there’s no way Brock Osweiler is ready to start.

He’s tall, but maybe even too tall, at 6’8″, which makes his windup take a long time. While he looked OK in the preseason, the problem is, we won’t know how good Osweiler will be for a few more years with consistent playing time.

Still, there would be lots of learning time if Osweiler were to take over; this team is built to win now. John Elway and the front office would likely look to bring in a veteran free agent to at least compete with Osweiler, if not start in front of the third-year pro.

After doing some research, we couldn’t find anything on a potential uniform change. What are you hearing, fans? Use the comment section below or Twitter to fill us in!

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