Dolphins need to move on from Matt Moore and draft a QB in 2014


8,955,046 $ is what the Dolphins currently spend on the Quarterback position.

That number represents 7.09% of their allocated cap money towards the offense. That number is also the second highest percentage among offensive positions. By most standards having that kind of money allocated towards your QB is normal however with Ryan Tannehill still being paid on a rookie contract there is room to be spared.

The Dolphins currently take a 5.5 million dollar cap hit on Matt Moore’s contract who is currently the highest paid back up QB in the league. Last year Moore signed a 2 year 8 million dollar contract with the team. Moore’s contract can be restricted but the team might be best served just moving on.


Matt Moore might be a quality back up and locker-room guy however is simply not worth the money.

Matt Moore has only played 3 times in the past 2 years however proved his worth in 2011 starting 12 games for the team and earning the team’s MVP honors.

That being said Matt Moore is what he is and that is a backup QB with little to no upside. Whether you believe in Ryan Tannehill or not the Dolphins would be smart to cut Moore and draft a QB in the 4th-6th rounds.

Pat Devlin is another name to consider in this equation as some believe he is capable of taking over the back up role in Miami. That being said right now it is probably safe to say that outside of Tannehill, none of Miami’s quarterbacks on the current roster have a spot locked up in 2014.

Many smart execs in the league believe you should be drafting a QB every year because they are so valuable. The Redskins followed that theory in 2012 when they drafted both RG3 and Kirk Cousins. The Eagles drafted Nick Foles despite having Michael Vick on the roster.

Having a young QB to develop on your roster is an asset the Dolphins should consider acquiring when it comes time for the NFL draft.

A couple of names to monitor as potential late round guys could be Zach Mettenberger, Tajh Boyd, Aaron Murray, Jimmy Garoppolo and David Fales.


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  • newengfinfan

    How about we keep Matt and get rid of Tannehill? Matt may not be good in preseason games but Tannehill proved last season he isn’t a clutch QB by blowing the final 2 games that we needed at least 1 win to get into the post season.

  • tutski

    How about getting rid of BOTH backups and just draft one. Both of the current backups are never going to win a playoff game anyway… Waste of $$.. thanks to Ireland

  • Longtime Phinfan

    Despite the Seahawks Wilson, if your going to draft a QB, at least get a prototype.
    Those that don’t understand Miami getting several OL will never understand anythng.

  • Jeter

    newengfinfan, what are you smoking? Give up Tannehill for Moore? There is no logic to your statment whasoever, even if we got blown out the last 2 games. Tannehill is way better, with way more upside period. How bout we trade you to NE for another fin fan? That is more like it. Your entitled to your opinion even if its not logical, so have at it.

  • Brad

    We can afford to keep Moore AND draft a QB in the mid to late rounds this year. What you want to do is upgrade over pat Devlin, develop a QB on the practice squad this year, and then groom him to replace Moore after next season is over and Moore’s contract is up. THAT’S the smart way to approach it and look at it. With that said, I love the idea of a Tajh Boyd, an Aaron Murray, or a Lynch in the 4th to the 6th round.

    • Mark Wolf

      The Dolhpins have been a farm club minor league team for to long? We need to draft a QB every year to compete and if that draft pick is better then what we have then start him. Seattle did that with Russell Wilson and look at thier results. Look, Tannehill came into a bad situation with th Dolphins with no O-LIne or Running game for support and a collapsing defense. I think he can be great but he needs a winning team around him. Manning just lost the SB beause his team was not as good as they should have beeni severl areas. The Dolphions have a lot of issues which I wont get into but they do need a fresh face in the QB meeting room? Matt Moore is a leader and a great guy but e will not take us to the big game? The Dolphins need to keep fishing fo a great QB untill thy find the right guy for the job. Still Tannehill should get a shot with a better GM and a better OC and he might surprise us all!!!!!

  • steveheyn13

    I think we should keep moore he is a good player and already proved that