Johnny Manziel inching closer to being the first overall pick


The Houston Texans had a lot of expectations last year, but having the first overall pick in the NFL draft was definitely not among them.

Fortunately, no matter how utterly disappointing last season was to the Texans and their fans, they now have the opportunity to draft a franchise-altering player. Unlike most last-placed teams, Houston’s roster is actually talented and should be able to bounce back and compete next season if the Texans select wisely.

Now, in order for Houston to make the right choice, they must understand the holes within their roster. This shouldn’t be that hard given that there are to glaring ones: A quarterback and a pass rusher to complement JJ Watt.

Oh, but what luck! The two top-rated prospects all year have been Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater and South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney, a quarterback and pass rusher, respectively.

Even Texans owner Bob McNair, a South Carolina grad, publicly praised Clowney only a few weeks ago.

“He is a remarkable player,” said McNair. “He’s one of these players that’s really a once-in-every-10-years kind of physical specimen that comes along.”

So which of the two will the Texans select this offseason? Well . . . neither.

According to Russ Lande of Sports On Earth, the Texans organization is currently leaning towards drafting either Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel or Central Florida’s Blake Bortles.

Supposedly, McNair has found himself swooning over the excitement Johnny Football could bring to his Houston franchise. He understands that players like Manziel bring more to the table than wins; they put butts in the seats.

On the other hand, Lande believes that new head coach Bill O’Brian is not exactly in love with the lack of work ethic and intangibles seen within Manziel. O’Brian, whose Penn State team was beaten by Bortles last year, is said to be in favor of drafting the strong-armed Central Florida quarterback.

That being said, the NFL Draft is still several months away and this week’s mock draft is sure to look very different from the final version. Free agency hasn’t even begun, which means that most speculation about draft night is completely useless at this point. All that is for certain is that the Houston Texans are lucky enough to be in a position where they have a multitude of options. Whether it’s a quarterback, a pass rusher or someone else entirely, the Texans will be looking to replicate the turnaround season the Chiefs experienced last year.

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  • Anthony

    it is utterly ridiculous to say McNair wants Johnny Manziel because he knows players like him put butts in the seats. The Texans have sold out every home game since the franchise has started, they have no need to put butts in the seats because they are already there.

  • Victor Jarvis

    The good will will not last forever and if they keep losing the people will stop buying season tickets.