Minnesota Vikings Mailbag: Percy Harvin trade, Super Bowl LII, and the quarterback conundrum.


Percy Harvin helped the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl with his kick off return for a touchdown Sunday. Looking back, was it a mistake to trade him? Miles, Bismarck, ND

The Minnesota Vikings received a first and seventh round pick in last years draft, and now they get the Seahawks third round pick in this years draft, 96th overall. The seventh round pick made the practice squad but was picked up by the Carolina Panthers during the year. The Vikings used the first round pick to draft Xavier Rhodes. It is too early to truly say whether or not the trade was a mistake. In my opinion it will rest of what the Vikings do with the third round pick.

Xavier Rhodes had a solid rookie season, but didn’t play enough for me to make a true judgement. The question I have is, could the Vikings have lived with Harvin’s constant migraines and injuries in hopes that he might make an impact in a game? Harvin is a very talented player, but his antics were a bit much for my taste. We won’t truly know if it was a mistake until this time next year.

The Vikings are one of three teams left in the running for the 2018 Super Bowl. What do you think their chances are of hosting Super Bowl LII? Jeff, New London, MN

Along with New Orleans and Indianapolis, Minnesota is up for hosting Super Bowl LII. One of the biggest thing that Minnesota has going for it, other than a brand new stadium, is that New Orleans and Indianapolis have hosted within the last few years (2012 Lucas Oil Stadium and 2013 Mercedes Benz Superdome). The Vikings are almost guaranteed to host this Super Bowl. I would put the chances at around 85 to 90 percent.

Matt Cassel must make a decision by Friday on whether he will void his contract or not. What should he do? Nathan, Albany, MN

That is an interesting question Nathan. This decision all hinges on whether or not Cassel thinks he can find a starting job somewhere else in the league. Is that a possibility? Of course it is. Is it likely? I just do not see it happening. Cassel is in a great spot in Minnesota. Ponder feel out of favor and Josh Freeman will not be on the team once free agency starts. Cassel, while not the long term answer in Minnesota could play a couple more years while whatever newly drafted rookie the Vikings take, learns by watching. In the end though this is Cassel’s choice, but if he were to ask my opinion I would tell him to stay in Minnesota.

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