Mailbag: Derrick Mason a possible return to Baltimore?


Mailbag returns with Baltimore Ravens questions. This week the fans main focus is on all of the position coaches that the Ravens need to hire and who would be some great names to fill them.

The Ravens have lost quite a few position coaches this offseason, which is the most important to fill right away? Who would be a great “sneak” hire? – Luke and Elliot, Rockville, MD

It’s important to know each one will be filled in a timely manner. Whether it is secondary coach, running backs coach, or wide receivers coach, each one will be filled appropriately. This question actually gives me the opportunity to talk about a name that I have briefly heard being tossed around to take over at wide receivers coach. Former Ravens receiver Derrick Mason has surfaced as a potential candidate. Mason has also expressed interest in the position. I support this 100%. Mason has always taken a huge interest in to what the Ravens have done even after he left a few years ago. Obviously he knows the position after playing 15 years in the NFL and is currently the all-time receptions and receiving yards leader for the Baltimore Ravens. Mason also wanted to make sure that he retired a Raven as he signed a one-day contract with Baltimore in 2012. What also gives Mason an advantage is the fact that he has played with Joe Flacco from 2008-2010. Not many position coaches in the NFL have that type of relationship with the current roster. Derrick Mason also was a Houston Texan in 2011 when now offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak was the coach. Many reasons to like this potential hire.

At this point coach John Harbaugh has not made any official statements regarding the position.

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