Raiders mailbag: Moving to LA, defense vs QB and the West Coast Packers


The Oakland Raiders will have one of the most intriguing off seasons of any NFL team. With an obscene amount of cap space and almost a full compliment of draft picks, the Raiders are presented with a truly unique opportunity. But until the off season gets underway, there are still tons of questions hounding the Raider Nation. Check out some of them below.

This is pretty hilarious while also being pretty accurate. Fact of the matter is, Reggie McKenzie has brought in a lot of guys from Green Bay and that should not be a surprise. Given the cap situation the Raiders have been in over the past two years, McKenzie was not given a ton of options. Thus, it makes sense to go with guys who he knew a lot about already. That, however, will likely change this off season since McKenzie is no longer hampered by the Raiders’ cap number.

That being said, don’t be surprised if a big name guy from Green Bay lands in Oakland. BJ Raji is someone McKenzie has familiarity with and who will be a free agent. If he comes at the right price, he is a former Packer who could easily find his way to Oakland.

Oh how I hope they have. The Super Bowl was a shining example of how to build a great team. The Seattle Seahawks were in a similar situation as the Raiders when they began their rebuild under coach Cheat Carroll. During the rebuild, the Seahawks focused on building a dominant defense (a Carroll specialty) and plugged guys in on offense as they went. The result? A dominating win over one of the best offenses in the history of the NFL. I would not be upset at all if the Raiders spent nearly all of their money on the defensive side of the ball this off season.

For those who do not know, David Fucillo is the editor of the most popular San Francsico 49ers blog on the interwebs, He is also one of my close friends so I often have to deal with his trash talk. Though, let’s be fair, I dish out as much if not more than he does. But his question, though asked with ill intent, brings up a valid topic. The St. Louis Rams owner recently purchased a large plot of land in Los Angeles. While there are no stated plans on what he will do with the land, the Rams have been having issues with St. Louis in its attempt to build a new stadium. If they cannot get a deal done in St. Louis, then Los Angelese may indeed get their old football team back, but not the Raiders, the Rams.

Clowney does indeed concern me. He is clearly an incredibly gifted athlete who has the ability to be dominant in the NFL. We knew that before he was even eligible to be drafted. But what we are not entirely certain about is whether or not he is a guy who loves to play football. The Raiders know all to well about talented and smart football players who do not have the drive necessary to succeed at the next level. With the team rebuilding an entire roster from scratch, they cannot afford another Rolando McClain or JaMarcus Russell. Clowney very well may not be that, but the risk is certainly there.

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  • RT3

    Didn’t Seattle hire the same guy who built and handed over the keys to SF when Harbaugh and Balke arrived? That guy built them the same way he built SF. First round O Line in Carroll’s first two seasons. And another in one of those 2nd rounds. I would be depressed if we didn’t drop back and go O line 1st round this year. Seattle got a lot of high value in their later rounds because the same guy who identified the talent in SF is now there. Hence a 7th round pick winning Super Bowl MVP and a 5th round corner being the best in the league and having 20 INTs his first 3 seasons. Can DJ Hayden become that? I sure hope so seeing as to his draft position. We shall see.

    • Mike

      If you’re talking about Seattle’s GM John Schneider, no, he had nothing to do with the 49ers.