Oakland Raiders: Who is the best QB drafted by Silver and Black


The Oakland Raiders have a long and storied history in the NFL. From lawsuits to championships, one cannot deny the history that comes with the Silver and Black. Today we start a series looking back at the best and worst draft picks by the Raiders over the years at certain positions. Not surprisingly, we start off with the most important position in the NFL, quarterback.

But in order to find the best quarterback drafted by the Raiders themselves, you need to go all of the way back to the 60’s when quarterbacks were not nearly as important as they are now. In fact, when looking at the list of quarterbacks drafted by the Raiders, there really is no contest for who the best has been. Mostly due to the fact that the Raiders have been, well, pretty terrible at drafting quarterbacks.

Here is a list of every Raiders QB drafted since 1960


Sam McCord, QB, East Texas St.

Bobby Lackey, QB, Texas

Dale Hackbart, QB, Wisconsin

Fran Curci, QB, Miami


Dave Grosz, QB, Oregon

Mike Jones, QB, San Jose State

Lowndes Shingler, QB, Clemson

Dick Norman, QB, Stanford


Dennis Spurlock, QB, Whitworth

Roman Gabriel QB, No. Carolina St


Dennis Claridge, QB, Nebraska

Jon Anabo, QB, Fresno State


Gordon Guest, QB, Arkansas

Ron Calcagno, QB, Santa Clara

Billy Lothridge, QB, Georgia Tech

Larry Rakestraw, QB, Georgia


Craig Morton, QB, California


Mike Brundage, QB, Oregon


Rick Egloff, QB, Wyoming


Eldridge Dickey, QB, Tennessee St.

Ken Stabler, QB, Alabama


No quarterbacks drafted


Mike Rae, QB, USC


No QB taken


Harry Knight, QB, Richmond

David Humm, QB, Nebraska


Jeb Blount, ,QB, Tulsa


No quarterbacks drafted


Marc Wilson, QB, BYU


No quarterbacks drafted


Scott Lindquist, QB, No. Arizona


Randy Essington , QB, Colorado


Rusty Hilger, QB, Oklahoma State


No quarterbacks drafted


Steve Beuerlein , QB, Notre Dame


David Weber, QB, Carroll College


Jeff Francis, QB, Tennessee


Major Harris , QB ,West Virginia


Todd Marinovich, QB, USC


No quarterbacks drafted


Billy Joe Hobert, QB, Washington


No quarterbacks drafted


Marques Tuiasosopo, QB Washington


No quarterbacks drafted


Andrew Walter, QB, Arizona State


No quarterbacks drafted


He who shall not be named, QB, LSU


No quarterbacks drafted


Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas

Does there really need to be much or any discussion on this topic? Based on the Raiders rather lackluster history of drafting quarterbacks, I do not think anyone would be willing to argue that the Raiders took anyone better than Ken Stabler. With four pro bowls, two all pros an NFL MVP and a Super Bowl championship, there is no one drafted by the Raiders that comes even close to the success of Ken “The Snake” Stabler


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  • Mike

    In 1983 we picked Don Mosebar with our 1st round pick, good player, the very next pick by Miami… Dan f’ing Marino! How many more SB’s do you think we would have won in the 80’s? Al Davis did many great things, but drafting great QB’s was definitely not one of them.

    • samiam2112

      Don Mosebar was the reason we went on to win the SB that year, and Mr. Davis tried to get Elway that year.

      • Mike

        Don Mosebar was certainly not “the reason” we went to the Super Bowl that year. Yes, I’m well aware of the 3 way trade Davis tried in order to get Elway that he said Rozelle blocked. My point is still valid, Davis was horrible at drafting QB’s and we could have had Marino, who would’ve have gotten us to more SB’s than Don Mosebar.

        • raiderarlin

          No, we didn’t get Marino. But that was actually a pretty good draft for us. Besides Mosebar, we selected the Raiders all time sack leader in Greg Townsend. Not to shabby.

          • Mike

            Agreed, but just imagine the possibilities with Marino coupled with the OL, offensive weapons and badass defense we had at the time.

          • Marty

            Not to mention we also drafted Bill Pickell that year also. Him and Townsend were beast on that D-line

        • Marty

          Mosebar never got us to the Super Bowl.

      • Marty

        Yeah that rookie who wasn’t a starter was the reason why we went to the big game!

  • samiam2112

    “I do not think anyone would be willing to argue that the Raiders took anyone better than Ken Stabler. ” You should have just wrote this line and dropped the mic…

  • Frank

    How many Super Bowls did Marino win???? Zero

    • Anonymous

      But could you imagine Marino having Marcus and Bo in the backfield. WHOA!!

    • Mike

      Marino had no where near the tough defense the Raiders had in that time frame, apples and oranges. Try again.

  • Mikado

    You can not ague with Jake, but the Raiders really blew it with Steve Beuerlein. He earned a lot of respect fromt he Raiders fans I know, to bad Al’s ego hurt this one.

    • Marty